Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This is to welcome you to my new/old blog, Journey With Psalms. Ten years ago, I began a journey that initially took me to Romania, Hungary, the Ukraine, and even Slovakia. I wanted to learn how and to what extent the Genevan Psalter had served to preserve faith of Reformed Christians during the Communist dictatorship.  I learned much more during that 2003 visit, so since then I have been on a journey of discovery. It has taken me back in Hungarian history, to Hungarian thoughts on the period of the dictatorship, and to musings about faith, the church, and its mission. The main part of the blog contains the stories of the people I met along the way – stories of courage and fear, faith and treachery. In sidebars you will find some ancillary material: how I became involved, some history and pictures of the countryside along the way.  As the blog evolves, watch for film clips and more. I welcome feedback and comments. 

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  1. Hi Beth--

    Just read through your blog with great interest. I will bookmark it and continue reading! You write very well, and your love and concern for these people is very moving.

    Keep it up!