Saturday, May 3, 2014

On the Way Home

We were on our way to Nagyvarad/Oradea, when we received a phone call postponing the interview with FerencVisky. We were disappointed, but it was also a relief. I for one was satisfied with a break from the intensity of the previous days. I think the others were quietly relieved too, and the van was peaceful during the long trek home. And then . . . next to the highway, about halfway to the border – I’m not sure who spotted them first –  two men were shearing sheep.

I think we were all happy to stop – no conversations, no differences,  no questions – just cameras. The men were methodically shearing a pen full of sheep with hand clippers.  

That was in 2003. I don't know whether they use the same techniques today, but I was impressed!                                                                               


  1. Beth - these are GORGEOUS pictures! I watched my dad help a farmer shear sheep once and it was a noisy battle, but amazingly fast.

  2. Great photos! It makes for a most beautiful blog posting. These two men make a simple craft into an incredible picture story.